RECALCULATING: How the Economy Mimics a GPS

RECALCULATING: How the Economy Mimics a GPS

We're Lost

“Recalculating”—most of us have heard that phrase as a GPS sought to discover a new route, and most of us have felt similarly perplexed as we tried to make sense of the maze that is our present economy. “Economists” tell us that the great recession ended a couple of years ago, but a quick look around tells a different tale. We only have to look to the (real) unemployment rate, declines in incomes, trillions of real estate equity lost, millions of foreclosures, new home sales at record lows and half of American households receiving some type of government benefits, with more than 43 million now on food stamps; the numbers paint a bleak picture.

We’re not in a recovery; and it appears that we have yet to discover just how bad the economy can get. Politicians can proclaim a “turning of the corner” all they wish, but those on Main Street know it’s just more political hogwash. Yes, just like a GPS, the U.S. economy is “recalculating,” only the available routes all seem to lead to dead ends.

We need our political “leaders” to tell us the truth, to bare the cold, hard and painful facts so that we can begin to understand and accept exactly what will be necessary to get our nation back on track. But sadly, we have no leaders; we have nothing more than ignorant, corrupt and partisan politicians who have neither the will nor the understanding to provide leadership.

And the coming election?  Those who think it will somehow make a difference are deluding themselves. To believe that one candidate is somehow above political knavery is to be deceived by their illusions and blinded by our hopes. The actions from Congress tell the story; politicians are all cut from the same cloth. What remains is to see which form of adversity is to follow.


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  1. Sick of Politicians says:

    I agree that the economy hasn’t begun to recover for me. I now earn less than I did 15 years ago, and my wife lost her job of 25 years when the company closed its doors 2 years ago. Looking to the future I don’t see how things will improve regardless of who wins the next election.