Some Republicans Have Taken To Eating Their Young

Some Republicans Have Taken To Eating Their Young

With congress unable to put forth meaningful and significant budget cuts, it seems that some Republicans have taken to “eating their young.” Recently elected Republicans, responding to overwhelming calls from their constituents to get government spending under control and reduce the size and scope of government, are being attacked by members of their own party who, in many cases, have become little more than professional politicians. It seems that the “old guard” on both sides of the aisle are tone deaf, so entrenched in “the politics of politics” that they are able to ignore the message sent by the voters.

And now some of that “old guard” on the Republican side, fearful of losing power for their party and of losing their precious seat in congress, have begun attacking their party’s own who represent the new message from the people. This must stop. Those who see themselves as permanent residents of DC could—and it’s still a very big COULD–soon be looking for employment elsewhere.  If they fail to represent the will of their constituents—the task they were hired to do—they COULD be terminated. Unfortunately their fate is yet to be determined.  Career politicians have built powerful political machines able to overpower most opposition. After all, blocks of votes are regularly purchased for the price of political favors, union concessions, and backroom deals.

Unfortunately, while some of the new political voices are refreshing, many are just modified versions of the same old partisan politics, guaranteed to deepen the chasm separating opposing political views. However, those who truly present constructive options must be supported, and their numbers increased; and those who fail to support the principles of a government of the people, who sleep with our enemies, and who are unwilling to take the bold steps necessary to restore our economy must face the consequences of their actions. It is up to the voters to remain vigilant and monitor the actions of our elected officials. While they may offer clever political rhetoric, what they actually support and accomplish will demonstrate their worthiness to keep their elected positions.


The Election is Over and America is Screwed

The election is over and America is screwed. Why? It’s not because Barack Obama won a second term, and it’s not because conservatives were incapable of mounting a coherent strategy for winning. Quite honestly, had Romney been declared the winner, the country would be in no better shape; we’d just postpone the inevitable for a bit longer. The results of the 2012 election and the billions spent in getting us to this point are just symptoms of a disease that has been eating away at our country for decades.

Americans have lost their vision. We have allowed the political class, driven by big business, unions, and other special interest groups, to determine the path of our country. I’d like to say it’s time for that to stop, that “we the people” must take charge; but the reality is the folks don’t want to be in charge. Many Americans—I fear it’s now the majority—prefer to leave the governing of our country to the politicians, content to spend their time watching their favorite sports or reality show. Until the wheels come off or some disastrous event gets their attention, they’re happily apathetic.

Sure, voters sometimes make a lot of noise, but even then, they are not sufficiently engaged in the process. Most are clueless, blindly accepting the ridiculous claims and charges made by those they support. Many of those who voted to give Obama a second term, as well as the millions who voted against him, lacked a true understanding of the implications of their votes. While they may attempt to justify their support by regurgitating their candidate’s talking points, they refuse to consider the realities of what could be or what was accomplished.

Neither candidate’s supporters get a free pass. Few could present logical arguments in support of their candidate or his positions. The lame reasoning presented by both Romney and Obama supporters is an indication that not only are American voters disengaged from the process; they have abdicated their responsibilities as citizens of our once-great nation.

Is there hope? Four short years ago Obama supporters thought there was. Sadly, most fail to grasp that the promises made by all political candidates are meaningless. They’re nothing more than clever marketing, slogans intended to confound and enrapture a gullible electorate. And while Romney supporters may fear the disastrous consequences of the next four years, their fears are misplaced. It’s not what Obama will do during his final term that should be the concern, but rather what politicians on both sides of the aisle refuse to acknowledge. Our nation’s serious problems cannot—will not—be solved by a political class whose main objective is the continuation of the very system that threatens our destruction.

Finally, I must address an issue I have long avoided, the mixing of politics and religion. Having read numerous posts and comments during the past few weeks lamenting the godless state of our country and of the leaders from both political parties, I feel I must address what I believe to be a significant threat. An omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent Creator, whomever or whatever you perceive that to be, by virtue of its very nature, can have neither political interest nor affiliation. Those who see their beliefs as the will of the TRUE GOD are misguided at best and destructive to the very tenets of their faith. None have the right to force their religious beliefs upon another, regardless of how vehemently they believe it necessary to do so. Religious beliefs must be separated from the governance of our nation, for to allow the doctrines of one group is to open the door to the beliefs of all groups, who may, at some point, triumph politically over the others.

I realize that hard-core religious fanatics will disagree. Just like their counterparts in the political arena, they refuse to consider any but their own narrow-minded points of view.  However, an impartial analysis of the views from all sides, including the willingness to compromise, is the only path that will lead us from dangers which grow ever closer. Yes, the election is over and America is screwed—some might say we’ve been raped. But this is no act being perpetrated by others. Through our laziness, apathy, and self-serving lifestyle, we’ve chosen to despoil ourselves.


We Have Seen the Problem, and it is Us

Some people seem to believe that our nation’s problems are due to the evils of a single political party (the one they oppose). In reality, extreme partisanship is the problem, for it blinds us to the positive contributions of the opposition and creates such divisiveness that cooperation is impossible.

As we approach the coming election, we can continue pointing out the mistakes and shortcomings of our political adversaries, or we can agree to come together with open minds. The choice is ours—we the people—it’s not that of a few hundred partisans in Washington. Of course, the politicians believe their supporters to be simpletons, myrmidons who eagerly and blindly support their deceitful tactics; and in far too many cases they’re right. But their tactics are leading us on a one-way path to destruction.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could ignore the rhetoric—if only for one brief moment—and collectively demand that our leaders follow the Constitution and uphold their oath of office?


Will Either Presidential Candidate Deliver on Their Promises?

As we near the November elections, serious voters want to know: Will either presidential candidate deliver on their promises? And the serious answer to that question is a resounding NO. While gullible voters from both major political parties seem determined to make certain their candidates win—although a large portion are unable to articulate why—regurgitating to the trite phrases fed by the puppet masters, the results of this election will, once more, fail to equal expectations. Emotions are continually being inflamed to: save the Republic, make those damned billionaires pay their “fair share,” or to create, save, or stimulate jobs—but the reality is that none of that will happen . . . at least not in sufficient numbers to make a difference.

Fading Liberty

What politicians and most voters seem to be ignoring is that the U.S. is on a collision course with disaster—truly a crisis of biblical proportions—and politicians and the electorate continue “whistling past the graveyard,” seemingly oblivious to the looming crisis. Now some have speculated that there is some sinister plan, that the ill-fated course on which the nation has been steered has been intentional. They see the looming crisis as politicians’ way to aid the implementation of their plans. I disagree. Our lawmakers are too stupid, ill-informed, dishonest, or so blinded by decades of partisanship that they cannot conceive the possibility of the total collapse of our economy or the loss of our nation’s position of leadership.

And while some may be shocked to learn that our “leaders” are not the brightest and best, such a conclusion is easily confirmed. I’d put the number that belong in the ignorant or dishonest category embarrassingly close to half, a sad commentary on the state of this union. But four decades of observing our republic’s decline provides at least anecdotal confirmation for me.

As a nation, we’re screwed. We’re been duped by politicians and bureaucrats whose lack of ethics and leadership has taken us far beyond the point of no return. Sure, I’ll continue to go to the polls and cast my ballot, but the reality is that the die has been cast; our collective votes, regardless of the outcome, cannot possibly save us from the ruination that approaches. I’m more than alarmed; I’m now relegated to the stark reality that the few concerned voters and politicians who remain cannot possibly reverse our march toward destruction; and I’m sick of it.

I’m sick of it when I hear political propaganda presented as legitimate news; I’m sick of it when I read of the incompetence of a bureaucracy wasting billions of tax dollars; I’m sick of hearing reports of how the IRS cannot even get its own employees to pay their taxes; and I’m sick of lying politicians who refuse to honor their oath of office and knowingly distort the truth in order to support their agenda. And while I may be mad as hell, the reality is that I probably will “take it,” for the system has grown so monstrous that the wailings of a few have little impact. And though “a little rebellion now and then is a good thing,” it appears that the majority will continue to “eat cake” as long as this party continues.

Will either presidential candidate deliver on their promises? No, and those gullible enough to fall for their knavery are nothing more than accomplices, “useful idiots,” who through their indifference or indolence help to bring about the very system they criticize.


A View From the Far North

I have a friend in Canada who occasionally sends me his thoughts or links to news items of interest, and he recently sent me the following piece. While I sometimes disagree with his assessments of what’s happening in the U. S., I also find it beneficial to stop and ponder views from outside our country. As he points out below, finding legitimate, unbiased news sources in our country is next to impossible.

However, I’d also point out that one will find the same bias from news sources around the world. While it’s easy to see the shortcomings of our neighbors, it’s sometimes only a distraction from the problems which are much closer to home.

Does racism still exist in the U. S.? Of course, but it also exists in every country I’ve ever visited, and most of those I have not. Sometimes it’s just better camouflaged. The problem as I see it is that we all have our biases; and that causes us to sometimes seek that information which confirms our beliefs. If we could all look at our neighbors, our political systems and our world without preconceived notions, it would be great; but it would also be utopia, a place we might wish to exist, but one far removed from our biased, prejudiced and partisan world.

A View From the Far North

As a Canadian watching from the great white north, American politics never fails to amaze me. I thought I was paranoid or watching through paranoid-tinted glasses until I read Dan Rather’s book “Rather Outspoken”. It details how the news media has been reduced from approximately 50 odd news organizations down to about 4, due to takeovers and conglomerate restructuring. They, the news media are all beholding to the federal government for their very existence and survival and the federal government feeds the news that they want printed. I often wondered why I tuned into CNN and continually see 4 “talking heads” yammering nonsense. Certainly not news. Want news? Go to BBC, CTV, CBC and any other news station. (Outside the USA). You’re being brainwashed in the States.

God, I wish the average person in the States could see yourselves the way we, outside the States  see you. I look at the middle east; America constantly interfering. The Middle East has been in conflict since the beginning of time. The difference between the Middle East and Africa with all the inherent problems there? OIL! Millions of kids starving to death+no oil=No Help. Libya, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, etc + blind eye = oil.

Reading Dan Rather’s book, he points out, (something I already had figured out), Bush junior and senior were both ineffectual, (junior the more ineffectual). The lies, the cover-ups, the deceit; it’s endless.

You have another election under way. Super-Pacs and “slam ads” will persist for another 6 months. Religious extremists will prevail. One observation: Racism is alive and well in the USA. The Limbaughs and their ilk continue to cater to the lowest common denominator. There is always an audience for that. There doesn’t seem to be any moderation left in America anymore.


Leaders Are Elected to Make the Hard Choices

Ignoring Simpson-Bowles, tax reform, transparency, bipartisan cooperation, shovel ready projects, Wall St. and bank bailouts, failed housing policies and more; when will voters get it? We elect presidents and members of Congress to make the hard choices, to use their “above average” intellect to solve the ever-increasing problems of our nation. We don’t ask much—honesty, loyalty, creativity and a willingness to honor their oath of office. And yet, election after election, the American voter comes up short. Our leaders aren’t leading—Republican, Democrat or Independent—and party affiliation makes little difference; all are corrupted by the process. Some, perhaps more than we’d like to believe, even begin their bids for office with dishonest intentions.

Unless we, the people, take charge and demand accountability from those we send to represent us, our nation will continue to suffer the effects of incompetency run amok. The upcoming election perfectly illustrates my point. We’re not being offered a slate of dedicated public servants seeking to serve their country; we have a bunch of partisan hacks who neither understand the problems we face nor who are willing to make the difficult decisions necessary to stabilize our economy.

So when November comes and millions go to the polls hoping for change, what we’ll receive in turn for those votes will be more of the same . . . that is, until the wheels finally come off our economy. And when that happens, politicians will point to their predecessors or opponents, denying their own complicity and abdicating all responsibility. And the typical American voter will swallow their BS hook, line and sinker.


Disregard the Pundits, Politicians and Propaganda and Use Your Brain

Disregard the Pundits, Politicians and Propaganda and Use Your Brain

One only has to follow the political polls to question whether the electorate is capable of rational thinking. After all, if voters’ opinions are so easily swayed by reports in the media or negative advertising, it seems logical that most had never properly grasped the candidates’ platforms or positions on issues of importance. Many voters seem content to support the candidate du jour, the media darling or the one supported by their favorite pundit; however, such behavior is both irrational and potentially dangerous to our nation’s health.

Liberty Requires Vigilance

Want to see true change? Take time to study a candidate’s position, to see what their past history says of their positions, and to verify the statements being made by their opponents. (In today’s political climate it’s almost a certainty that a candidate’s foes are, at least, distorting the truth and quite likely, lying altogether.)

If we expect our elected officials to turn around this nation, to create lasting and meaningful changes that will turn us from the precipice, then we, the voters, have an obligation. We must send to office those candidates who have clearly demonstrated their support for both our ideals and for the principles upon which a fiscally sound and responsible government must be based. We can’t base our choices upon the media favorite or the candidate supported by the political machine; we can’t just leave the decision to others.

In order to elect those who are truly qualified, we must determine those candidates who will:

* Understand and abide by their oath of office

* Tell us the truth in all situations regardless of the political ramifications

* Refrain from partisan politics and always do what is best for the country, not the party

* Avoid the appearance of impropriety

* Never accept favors or anything of value from anyone, regardless of how innocent it may seem

* Conduct the business government with transparency unless national security is threatened

* Provide answers, not political rhetoric when questioned

* Work for solutions, not temporary fixes to problems

* Avoid the politics of politics

* Take responsibility for their actions even when shown to be incorrect

* Know and admit to their limits

* Accept the opposing party’s recommendations when they offer the best solution for the nation

As we look to this year’s election, let’s do our part to select those candidates who are most compatible with the dream once known as The United States of America. Surely our decision deserves as much analysis and excitement as our interest in the contestants on the latest reality TV show or the winner of the Super Bowl. And if we are unwilling to put forth sufficient effort or to dedicate just a portion of our time, we’ll deserve the ultimate outcome, the consequences of which may dramatically and grievously alter our lives forever.


RECALCULATING: How the Economy Mimics a GPS

RECALCULATING: How the Economy Mimics a GPS

We're Lost

“Recalculating”—most of us have heard that phrase as a GPS sought to discover a new route, and most of us have felt similarly perplexed as we tried to make sense of the maze that is our present economy. “Economists” tell us that the great recession ended a couple of years ago, but a quick look around tells a different tale. We only have to look to the (real) unemployment rate, declines in incomes, trillions of real estate equity lost, millions of foreclosures, new home sales at record lows and half of American households receiving some type of government benefits, with more than 43 million now on food stamps; the numbers paint a bleak picture.

We’re not in a recovery; and it appears that we have yet to discover just how bad the economy can get. Politicians can proclaim a “turning of the corner” all they wish, but those on Main Street know it’s just more political hogwash. Yes, just like a GPS, the U.S. economy is “recalculating,” only the available routes all seem to lead to dead ends.

We need our political “leaders” to tell us the truth, to bare the cold, hard and painful facts so that we can begin to understand and accept exactly what will be necessary to get our nation back on track. But sadly, we have no leaders; we have nothing more than ignorant, corrupt and partisan politicians who have neither the will nor the understanding to provide leadership.

And the coming election?  Those who think it will somehow make a difference are deluding themselves. To believe that one candidate is somehow above political knavery is to be deceived by their illusions and blinded by our hopes. The actions from Congress tell the story; politicians are all cut from the same cloth. What remains is to see which form of adversity is to follow.


Congressional Gridlock Is the Symptom, Not the Disease

Congressional Gridlock Is the Symptom, Not the Disease

Once more Congress is gridlocked as they weigh whether to take action supporting the country or their political party. Make no mistake, recent partisan bickering is a symptom of a disease that grows more deadly with each passing day. The disease, partisan blindness, has been festering in the halls of Congress for decades and has now reached a critical stage. In fact, it appears that most of our “leaders” have already succumbed to brain death. Perhaps it’s time to call in a priest to perform last rites over our ailing political system which has now slipped into a coma and seems far beyond the potential for recovery.

The current political morass demonstrates that neither political party is acting in good faith, and neither deserves the support of the American voter. I suggest that we vote out ALL who face reelection in 2012. Regardless of their replacements, they can’t be worse than those currently in office.

Until we, the American people, awaken to the charade posed by our so-called two party system, we’ll continue to hear the tripe spouted by politicians more interested in “one-upmanship” than working to restore our economy. Until we vote next November, we should all make regular calls to our representatives and demand they take action.


Let’s Get Real on the Debt “Deal”

The Puppet Masters

Recent comments from members of both political parties regarding the lack of a “deal” within the debt super-committee border on laughable; let’s get real on the debt “deal.” NEITHER political party has put forth serious proposals that would truly and significantly lower the deficit. Their arguments are merely over how to lessen the rate of increase; and they base their ridiculous assumptions upon over-estimated revenue and underestimated spending. Even if they make dramatic cuts the end result will be a larger deficit. While we must make major cuts in government spending, both parties realize such cuts would create a huge public backlash, especially from those whose benefits are threatened. The concept of the super-committee was doomed from the start; it truly was a stupid idea, destined to failure. And I’m sick of it!

I’m sick of it because I continue to see spineless politicians, not political leaders—leadership is a commodity totally absent in DC—who pander to their political allies and ignore the realities of the serious financial problems we face. Basically, Democrats want higher taxes and Republicans want spending cuts; and neither side seems willing to consider proposals of the other. Of course, most of those suggestions are just for a gullible public and not rooted in reality. What we’re seeing is nothing more than political pandering; and to put it bluntly, we’re screwed.

There is no political will to do the “right thing,” only to do what is perceived politically expedient. The prospect of meaningful reform is nil. Sadly the political rhetoric coming from both parties does nothing more than reinforce the ignorance of their followers, myrmidons who prefer to blindly accept the proclamations of their “leaders” rather than assume responsibility for discovering the facts.

I’m sick of it because there is no solution possible as long as those in power abuse that power by distorting the truth, and the truth is that the U.S. cannot possibly continue to ignore its growing deficit. “Kicking the can” is a game for children, not for responsible leaders who realize the limits of the game. Eventually the “can” reaches a precipice; and once it falls over the edge, it  cannot be retrieved. That edge draws nearer with each refusal to take action.

I would recommend that we ALL take a serious look at our participation in the process. Do we regularly communicate with our elected officials to make them aware of our concerns? Do we make an effort to elect responsible leaders to political office? Do we refuse to support/participate in mindless partisan attacks? Have we analyzed the proposals being suggested to determine their viability? Such work is demanding, requiring commitment, consistency and sacrifice.

The work required of us is sometimes boring and always time-consuming, but the consequences of doing nothing could be catastrophic. While the Tea Party and Occupy movements have demonstrated dissatisfaction with the current path of our country, neither seems to have the focus or support necessary to create meaningful and lasting change. Protests may call attention to a particular problem, but substantive participation in governance is necessary to effect substantive change. Unless the electorate is prepared to reclaim their governing responsibilities, the long-term prospects for our nation appear grim.